Continuum was first created as a three-dimensional Mandala of the cosmos, relating to cycles of life.  First titled M-Theory in 2000 as a blueprint of possibilities for both the actual and metaphysical, this work was inspired by assertions at the time that all of creation is made of vibrating strings and membranes as well as six dimensional Calabi-Yau spaces which continually transform or mutate their shapes as they repair tears in the fabric of the universe.  Composed of handmade Linen and Abaca laminated over wire armatures, the installation interpreted space in terms of solids.  It is an amalgamation of physics and eastern philosophy following the continuum of life - birth, evolution, decay, death and rebirth.  With every new installation I add new scraps and materials from my studio so that the installation, now re-titled "Continuum", is forever growing and continually transforming.